Girls On The Beach: A Man’s Guide To Impressing Them
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Girls On The Beach: A Man’s Guide To Impressing Them

Five Top Tips For Impressing Girls On The Beach
11 December 2017

As men, we all have our own reasons for heading to the beach and spending our time on the sand. Some of us like to top up our tans, others enjoy the sense of freedom that comes from strolling among the waves. Some men take enormous pleasure in swimming against the breakers, and others involve themselves in a range of sports - from jetskiing to kitesurfing, wakeboarding to sailing.

However, there’s one key feature of the world’s finest beaches that most of us would absolutely agree as being one of the shoreline’s main draws: it’s a fantastic place to meet women, and perhaps sew the seeds of a holiday romance, brief fling, or something even deeper.

Sophistication = Success

Sanwin Beachwear - How to impress girls on the beach

Despite the fact that we all know that a golden sandy beach draws women to it like nothing else, we’ve noticed a significant problem while on our travels: so many men seem to fall flat on their faces when it comes to approaching the sun-worshipping ladies, and often end up embarrassing both themselves and their prospective paramours. Worse still, many men end up sullying the reputations of the rest of us gentlemen with their poor manners, inept attempts at impressing women on the beach, and general boorish behaviour.

As Sanwin Swimwear fans and customers, we’ve no doubt about the fact that you’re men of a more sophisticated nature than most. Even if this is the case, we’ve been inspired to put together a brief guide to impressing and flirting with women on the beach, just in case you feel the need to pick up a few extra tips. By keeping the following points in mind, we’re certain that your chances of success with the women you share the sands with will go through the roof… so head out into the sun, have a great time, and be sure to let us know how you get on!

Tip One: First Impressions Count… So Be Sure To Look Your Best

Sanwin Beachwear - Tips to impress girls on the beach

There’s no doubt about the fact that women who like to hang out at the beach are more inclined to be impressed by a man who’s made a bit of an effort. Now, nobody’s expecting you to turn up among the dunes dressed in a new designer suit… but taking a bit of care when it comes to your appearance goes a long way.

Of course, the ideal first step in this direction is to be wearing a new pair of beautifully made and designed Sanwin swim shorts. Each of our items of swimwear has been made with the finest materials, and features patterns, designs and colour choices which have been chosen to help you look your best. The great thing about stepping out in a pair of stylish swim shorts? Knowing you’re wearing such a great-looking item of clothing is going to boost your confidence… and there’s nothing sexier than that!

Tip Two: Be Positive, Friendly, and Remember to Smile!

Sanwin - How to impress women at the beach

Nobody goes to the beach hoping to deal with somebody who seems moody, mysterious or introverted. As such, when you’re introducing yourself to a woman, make sure you keep things light-hearted, open, positive and friendly. Remember - you’re looking to come across as someone she’d love to hang out with, have a few drinks with and meet up again later in the evening… and having an open smile on your face is the key to achieving this. Don’t come on too strong, don’t appear critical or negative, and - for heaven’s sake - don’t get moody, take it personally, or be rude if she makes it clear she’s not interested in talking to you right now.

Tip Three: Don’t Hover

Sanwin Beachwear - how to impress girls guide

Once you’ve noticed a girl you’d like to get know further, the chances are, she’s already noticed you too - women have a preternatural sixth sense when it comes to this kind of thing. This is why it’s absolutely crucial to be the guy who approaches her confidently and without hesitation; nothing gives a girl the creeps like some guy scoping her out from a distance, and hovering around trying to pluck up the courage to chat to her.

The important thing to remember here is that, sure - you’re not at a bar or in the club, but approaching women on the beach is basically no different than doing so on the street, in a park, a shopping mall, or anywhere else for that matter. Women love confident men who know what they want… so make sure you come across as that kind of guy!

Tip Four: Don’t Jump In With Physical Compliments

Sanwin Beachwear - impressing girls on the beach tips

We get it: most of the tropical beaches where we love to strut our stuff are full of gorgeous ladies doing exactly the same thing… but even so, physical compliments regarding her body are far from the best way to ensure you get her attention. The chances are, she receives comments like this all the time from guys she can’t wait to get away from, and furthermore, she already knows you like the way she looks - after all, it was you who approached her in the first place!

If you’re chatting and flirting with a girl on the beach, there’s no doubt about the fact that you should slip a compliment or two in there while things are flowing. But instead of telling her how great her legs look, why not choose to comment on her sense of humour, or personality, or intelligence instead? Trust us, it will help you stand head and shoulders above your competition, and she’s sure to start thinking of you more positively.

Tip Five: Don’t Wait Around To Get Her Number

Sanwin Beachwear - Guide to impress women on the beach

This is one of those points where it becomes clear that the beach is a different environment than being in a bar or club. When you meet a girl you like at the beach, the chances are what you really want is to meet up with her later, and take her for a drink or somewhere romantic where you can hang out with just the two of you. It’s unlikely you’re going to be spending all day together on the beach - you’ve got plenty of other stuff to do, and if she’s out with her friends, she’ll probably want to be spending her time in the sunshine with them.

With all of this considered, if you’re going to swoop in and get her digits in your phone, it’s best not to wait around looking for an opportune moment that might not come. Once you’ve introduced yourself and given her the chance to check out your stylish Sanwin swim shorts, let her know you’d love to get her number, and that you’ll be in touch later.

Once you’ve got her number, don’t wait too long before sending her a text message. Keep it light-hearted and fun (something along the lines of ‘hey, it’s me - the guy with the awesome swim shorts!’), and invite her out for a drink or a bite to eat while the sun sets.

So, there you have it - five top tips for meeting and flirting with women while on the beach. Don’t forget, your Sanwin swim shorts are going to be the things that make you stand out from the crowd, and which can give you that all-important boost of confidence! We’d love to hear all about your holiday romance stories - get in touch via the comments below!